Ted Washington

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Click here  to view a short reading from “MORE” by Ted Washington.
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Ed Decker of CityBeat says,

“The poetry of Ted Washington is not that of the emotional revolution. Rather, the guttural rumble in the stomach before the rebellion. The catalyst that tells us that we are emotionally starving. Each one an eructation pointing out that all is not well. That the acids are churning, but there is nothing to digest. That we need to be fed truth, dignity, respect and equality. And though we are not told this directly, it is understood that, as there is not punctuation telling us the poem is completed, there is no end to the anxiety of the human experience.”

About the Author Author Ted Washington

Ted Washington is an artist, author, actor, poet and reluctant businessman. Specializing in pen and ink, his art has garnered local, national and international awards. He is the founder and CEO of Puna Press, a San Diego, CA based publisher of poetry and art that features several San Diego writers and artists. Ted also is a founding member of the performance art group Pruitt Igoe, who have performed in San Diego and Los Angeles area galleries and music venues. Pruitt Igoe was awarded a Synergy Foundation grant and performed in Harlem, New York City. Ted Washington won the BRAND 37 purchase award, with the Glendale Library acquiring one of his artworks for their permanent collection.

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